DKM Instructors

Timothy Tharp


Timothy Tharp is the founder and Chief Instructor of Dayton Krav Maga. Mr. Tharp is a military and security veteran, with over 25 years of combat self defense and fitness experience. He has been trained directly by some of Israel’s top security and combat experts. Mr. Tharp has worked in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, and security, in both the civilian and military sectors. He holds a Masters Degree in Security Management and a Masters of Business Administration with a consideration in Information Security Management. 

 Mr. Tharp has taught members of the US Military and Federal Law Enforcement professionals critical survival tactics to help them survive their dangerous jobs. He has also worked as a military fitness instructor helping keep members of the US Military fit and healthy. 

Kraig Kirves


Kraig’s experience spans almost 4 decades in Law Enforcement and Security.  He has served as a Police Officer, Detective and Sergeant with the Dayton Police Department, and has been awarded the Medal of Valor, Distinguished Service Award and multiple citations and commendations.  He has also served  as a Security Consultant and Law Enforcement Trainer for the State if Ohio.  Mr Kirves has been a certified Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Instructor for 30 years, and a Police Academy Commander for 15.

Mr. Kirves has trained thousands of Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian students during that time. 

Mr Kirves also served as The Site Security Team Commander (STP) at Stone Mountain GA venues for the 1996 Olympic Games.  

Kraig has studied several styles of Martial Arts for  decades. He began studying Krav Maga 10 years ago, and has been an Instructor for Dayton Krav Maga for several years.

Ehud Borovoy


Ehud  was born and raised in Israel and moved to the U.S. in 2007. In 1999 he was drafted into the IDF as part of his mandatory duty. Mr. Borovoy was the fitness instructor for the Israeli police academy for 8 years (3 years as a soldier and 5 years as a civilian). Throughout those years he was trained in Krav Maga both as a soldier and a civilian. Mr. Borovoy prepared the cadets to pass their end of course fitness exam and Krav Maga exam.

In addition to a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and training methods, he is equipped with the knowledge to understand his surroundings, anticipate possible threats, and react to them accordingly.

 He is thrilled to have this opportunity to be the lead instructor for DKM Centerville location and help you be prepared to situations that are not in your favor.