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In today's world, security threats are confronting your business everywhere and constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. At the Spartan Threat Management Group, we are relentless in keeping your organization safe and secure from today’s emerging threats. We employ thorough analytical techniques to identify, assess and manage organizational threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. Our expert consultants use industry-leading assessment methodologies to collect, analyze, and mange different types of threats your organization may face.  

 The Spartan Threat Management Group industry leading consultants have designed, planned, led, and implemented multiple complex and strategic threat management initiatives for large corporate enterprises and other leading governmental and private organizations.    

Services We offer

Defensive Tactics

Spartan Threat Management offers state of the art defensive tactics training that is designed around what your team or group needs.   Effective personal protection is an important component in helping to ensure the continued profitability of your organization.  

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Active Killer Survival

 Surviving an active shooter incident is dramatically increased through proper prevention and training. There needs to be an equal amount of attention placed on the prevention as well as the response to the violence of this senseless act.  

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