Training For 2019

Learn to Survive in 2019

In 2019 Dayton Krav Maga will not be doing a continuous weekly class. Instead, we will be offering  Krav Maga Survival Academies! We will offer four and six week academies with three different levels available. These academies will be offered in multiple locations throughout the greater Dayton area. Private Lessons will also be available anytime throughout the year along  with specialized training seminars.  Please see below for more information. 

Krav Maga Survival Academy

In our Survival Academies you will
Learn modern survival tactics that are superior in REAL WORLD situations.
Learn to defend yourself against all types of holds, grabs, chokes, and weapons.

Work through realistic training drills that will help you fight through fear and prepare for REAL situations.    

Level 1 Academy - This academy will be four weeks long and cover unarmed combatives. 

Level 2 Academy - This academy will be five weeks long and will be a continuation of unarmed combatives along with defense against weapons. 

Level 3 Academy  - This academy will be six weeks long and will cover advanced defensive tactics and situations.    

Specialized Seminars and Training 

During 2019 Dayton Krav Maga will be offering specialized defensive tactics  seminars for law enforcement, military, security teams, and real estate professionals.   

Private Lesson Training

Dayton Krav Maga will continue to offer both individual and group private lesson training throughout 2019.  

Partnerships In 2019

Dayton Krav Maga will be partnering with these two great companies. 

Asshlee's Grant through This Is What Freedom Feels Like - Counseling and Recovery Services. Ashlee's Grant  deals with the horrific violence and trauma caused by human trafficking. 

Spartan Threat Management Group to offer expanded security consulting services.  

2019 is going to be a great year at Dayton Krav Maga! Please check our website and social media pages often because we will be posting 2019 training dates soon!